LISD Solo and Ensemble Results

Congratulations to the following students!

Excellent Award for Solo Perfomance

Justin Daih

Superior Award for Solo Performance

Kylie Roach

Marianne Lee

Ben Chilton

Risa Toyama

My Nguyen

Rebecca Raymond

David Kim

Shwetha Menon

Nadia Livingstone

Ryan Nelson

Chris Gambini

Erin Miller

Superior Award for Ensemble Performance

Brandon Nguyen, Justin Shin, Dena Thach

Melvin Alexander, Hana Kim, Joseph Park, Sophia Yoo

Melody Ann, Marianne Lee, Kenneth Maloney, Erin Miller, Ryan Nelson

Justin Chong, Joshua Park

Ben Chilton, My Nguyen

Hector Hernandez, Kylie Roach

Kathy Lim, Hanna Shin

David Kim, Rebecca Raymond