Orchestra – Virtual Options

LISD has added virtual learning course options for all Performing Arts programs.

You have the opportunity to amend your survey response and course requests through August 5th.

Please note that there will be a limited number of course offerings, as it is not possible to replicate all of the specialized and leveled options afforded through in person learning.  We will make every effort to maintain instructional delivery plans within clusters, as our performing arts curriculum is cluster-based.

Virtual instruction will include a combination of remote, synchronous delivery and asynchronous practice and assignment completion by virtual track students.  Families should be aware that their synchronous virtual learning experiences may not be with their current director at their campus, although we will be able to maintain direct connectivity through student access to program enrichment materials in CANVAS.

The list of virtual course offerings will be updated to include the following performing arts courses:

Middle School (Note – 6th grade beginning performing arts are already offered virtually):

  • Band Middle School Intermediate; Band Middle School Advanced
  • Choir Middle School Intermediate; Choir Middle School Advanced
  • Orchestra Middle School Intermediate; Orchestra Middle School Advanced
  • Theatre Middle School Intermediate; Theatre Middle School Advanced

High School:

  • Band High School Intermediate; Band High School Advanced; Percussion; Color Guard
  • Choir High School Intermediate; Choir High School Advanced
  • Dance High School Intermediate; Dance High School Advanced
  • Orchestra High School Intermediate; Orchestra High School Advanced
  • Theatre High School Intermediate; Theatre High School Advanced; Theatre High School Technical


Things to consider:

  • As per TEA guidance for the 2020-21 school year, families will have the option to reconsider their learning plan preferences each 9 weeks.
  • Colleges and universities are well aware of the conditions affecting opportunities in the performing arts, and they are contending with the same issues for their prospective graduates.  We encourage individual skill development and preparation, focusing upon what students CAN do.
  • Virtual track students MAY participate in extra-curricular components of their respective programs in accordance with modified UIL guidelines this school year.


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