November Update

Dear Hawks,

The challenges we’re facing might make Thanksgiving more important than ever this year.  I asked the students what they’re thankful for, and by far the number one response was that they are thankful for their family.  Perhaps fitting to the times, students also wrote just “living” and “being alive”.  

“I am thankful for the opportunity to still be a part of virtual learning during this pandemic. Some people are unable to be in school during this time since they don’t have the technology for virtual learning so I am thankful to be able to still learn, be a part of orchestra, and play basketball during this time.”

“practically everything: my family, friends, life, food, that I have a roof over my head, etc!”

“Anyone who has ever positively interacted with me because it has shaped who I am today.”

Class Performances

It’s a learning process.  In a typical year our orchestra produces and performs several major concerts and learns fifty or more unique pieces of repertoire.  As a necessary adjustment this year our learning paths have moved toward more guided individual learning, allowing our students to explore some of their personal musical interests while also developing their musical and technical skills.  As I’ve mentioned to the classes, it’s been a learning process for me also.  I’m pleased to share with you some videos we’ve made in class.  We will continue to develop our musical abilities, but in addition to this I am excited to learn alongside the students more about recording and filming the orchestra, and editing the videos.  We’ll continue to share as we’re able to improve our cinematic abilities.

T-Shirt Uniform Pickup

We will have our t-shirt/uniform pickup for our virtual students on Thursday, November 12, from 4:30-6:00pm .  Please line up in the main campus, main parking lot.  The orchestra room is directly past the flagpoles and I will be in front of the flagpoles ready for a quick drive-through pick up.  Please submit $10 in cash or check addressed to HHSOBC for the t-shirt, as well as any additional monies for any extra tees, sweaters, or sweatpants ordered.  The t-shirt is the orchestra uniform for informal performances and one has been ordered for every student, including virtual students.  The orchestra garments will be handled with nitrile gloves.  Please wear a mask during pick up.

All-Region & All-State

We’re thrilled to announce that several of our students have been selected for All-Region Orchestra.  These students were selected by competitive blind audition in TMEA Region 2, which includes students from Lewisville ISD, Denton ISD, and Northwest ISD.  Several of our students have recorded auditions for All-State, which will be judged next weekend.  Along with our 29 middle school All-Region students, the Hebron Orchestra feeder pattern has broken our previous record for All-Region selections, which was also set last year. Congratulations to our All-Region students!

Symphony Orchestra

Lauren Ahn, 3rd
Elli Kim, 7th
Ju-young Kim, 14th

Alice Wei, 1st
Benjamin Kim, 4th
Keโ€™Juan Thompson, 7th
Alana Dryburgh, 8th
Yehjin Lim, 9th
Kessa Dryburgh, 11th

Madeline Chong, 6th

Aidan Turner, 4th

Philharmonic Orchestra

Rachel Ko, 43rd overall
Madelyn Cha, 56th overall

Karis Moon, 22nd overall

I’m grateful for the music we’ve made in the past and music that is still yet to come. Thank you all for your support of the orchestra.  I asked the students when the holiday season starts, to a wide variety of responses.  We’ve already started on the holiday music so we hope to share it with you all soon.  Maybe soon, but not too soon…

Matthew Cautivar