Future Hawks Info!

Dear Future Hawks,

We are so excited to welcome you to Hebron next year! I get to enjoy teaching my favorite subject every day, but some of the benefits of music and orchestra are not so obvious. Many of our orchestra students reported enjoying orchestra for playing music with friends, our thrilling concerts, or incredible trips. These are great reasons to be in orchestra! Additionally there are a wealth of benefits from playing in orchestra that happen as we work together to learn the music and perform it for friends and family. Parents, you may be thinking ahead to their future even beyond high school. LISD’s vision is for all of our students to enjoy thriving, productive lives in a futureย theyย create. Music supports their ability to navigate the challenges of the future.

Many orchestra students participate in multiple school activities and challenging courses. Our orchestra members participate in football, volleyball, tennis, basketball, swim, theatre, choir, DECA, wrestling, and more. If you are anticipating a schedule conflict, our counselors are amazing at helping you find a way for you to still partcipate in orchestra. Please contact me or your counselor if you would like assistance with exploring your schedule options.

Concert Orchestra is recommended for ALL 9th graders, including advanced players. This class is designed to assist with the next level of high school. Concert Orchestra performs challenging music and has had several students selected to the All-Region High School Orchestras. If you are interested in auditioning for a higher level of orchestra, we will have an audition process beginning in April. If your student is selected to a higher level of orchestra, their school counselor will adjust their schedule.

Visit us at hebronorchestra.org for a special welcome video, and please contact us with any questions. We canโ€™t wait for you to be a member of the Hebron Orchestra!

Matthew Cautivar

Orchestra Director





IG: hebronorchestra