Midwinter | Pre-UIL Concert

We are excited to share our UIL programs with you all tonight at our Midwinter Concert. The program will be announced from the stage. Please help us have a great concert by observing the following concert etiquette guidelines:


Please remind students and other visitors of proper concert etiquette.
– Cell phones must be OFF! (Sometimes even on silent they will make noise, like Amber Alerts)

– Quiet talking or whispering is only allowed when there is NOT a group on stage – Enter/Exit the auditorium ONLY when there is not a group on stage
– Food, drink or gum are prohibited
– Young children or others who are unable to maintain silence should not be inattendance

– Flash photography is prohibited
– Since this is a concert, appropriate applause is always encouraged and appreciated.

It is important however to know when it is appropriate to applaud (for instance, not in the middle of a multi-movement work, or during a grand pause). Always look for the conductorโ€™s baton to come down. This generally indicates the end of the piece. 

Concert Orchestra

Mechanisms by John Caponegro

Two Italian Dances arranged by Peter Warlock

Turbulence by William Owens

Symphonic Orchestra

Ocean Storm by Antonio Vivaldi, arranged by Tom Fritz

Midnight Rain by Susan H. Day

North Country Legend by Mark Williams

Philharmonic Orchestra

Drifen by Shirl Jae Atwell

Testimony by Charlton Singleton

Ironwork by Ted Allen

Chamber Orchestra

La Follia by Arcangelo Corelli

Two Norwegian Airs by Edvard Grieg

Rebirth of the Holy Fool by David Balakrishnan