Hebron Orchestra Audition Application 2018-2019

The Hebron Orchestra program is comprised of three levels of orchestra: Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, and Concert Orchestra. All members in good standing enjoy the same rights and privileges associated with the orchestra, including our yearly concert series, festivals, socials, parties, trips, and other events. Members of the advanced orchestras enjoy increased privileges as well as increased responsibility. Hebron Orchestra welcomes all young string musicians at all skill levels and experience. Our goal is to offer all students a rewarding musical experience. If you are new to Hebron Orchestra we canโ€™t wait for you to be a part of the Hebron Orchestra family!

Download and review the following documents for further information on how to audition for an advanced orchestra. ย Feel free to contact Mr. Cautivar with any questions at cautivarm@lisd.net


Hebron Audition Application 1819

Symphonic Audition 1819

Chamber Audition 1819